Residential Land Surveying in Wisconsin FAQs

What Are Fence Surveys? How Do They Relate to Residential Land Surveying in Wisconsin, Milwaukee and Property Line Locations?

A fence survey is a type of boundary survey that helps locate and verify all of the property corners for a given location. Due to both intentional and unintentional removal of property corners (from landscaping, previous owners, previous fence installations and more), it is extremely common for property corners to be missing, so it is common for property owners to seek this sort of residential land surveying in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin in general.

Please note that our fence surveys do not replace missing property corners. To replace missing corners, a Plat of Survey is needed. Property line points can be reestablished at that point to help with future fence, boundary or landscaping placement.

Why Perform Residential Site Plan Land Surveys in Wisconsin?

A residential site plan is a type of residential land survey that gives a general understanding of what is located on a given site. Residential site plan surveying is commonly done if someone needs to find some specific information about a site (such as where the property corners are) but doesn’t need to have a full Plat of Survey performed.

For our residential site plan land surveys, we will locate all existing property corners, but we will not replace those corners that are missing. We will also locate all major structural elements that clients may want to see in relation to their property lines, including pavement, fences, concrete and sheds. Topographic surveys are often added on during this sort of residential land surveying in Milwaukee.

Why Perform a Plat of Survey in Wisconsin?

A plat of survey is a surveying map that shows a parcel of land divided into lots. In Wisconsin, if a surveyor sets, replaces or changes any corner of a property, a plat of survey must be completed to show the new corner placement. The plat of survey map is then filed with the county so that is available for public record.

For our residential land surveying, Milwaukee property owners can choose to have their plat of surveys performed on one line of a parcel of land or one entire parcel, and they can choose whether or not to include property improvements like buildings, driveways, parking, fences and the like. The final plat of survey shows property boundaries according to the deed, along with any discrepancies or encroachments that need to be resolved.

Why Perform Topographical Surveys in Wisconsin?

For contour-relevant residential land surveying, Milwaukee architects and engineers will often have topographical surveys performed. Topographical surveys present land elevations as contour lines and spot elevations on a plot.

For our topographical survey services, elevations may be related to a specific data point or to assumed elevations.

What Services Do You Provide for Plats for Subdivisions and Planning in Wisconsin?

Subdivision plat surveys are large plat of surveys, often for apartment communities, condominium complexes and the like.

For large-scale Milwaukee and Wisconsin residential land surveying projects like these, we will work with property owners and engineers to design the streets and lay out the larger tracts of land into smaller, buildable parcel sites of 5 or more parcels. We have extensive experience with large surveying projects, and plenty of experience getting them approved throughout construction and development.

What Services Do You Provide for Residential Construction Staking in Wisconsin?

Residential construction surveying includes the staking of property improvements shown on improvement plans that control construction. Accurate construction staking is vital to keeping a residential construction project on time and on budget.

For Milwaukee and Wisconsin residential land surveying projects that include construction staking, our customizable staking services include parking pavements, curbs, commercial buildings, utilities, grades for ponds and grades for ditches. Typically, building stake outs include all of the foundation corners that will be dug by the excavator for basement or footings, as well as offsets that can be used by the contracted concrete company; Parking lot, utility or pond stake outs typically include staking of the curb, utility line, or top/toe of pond, and an offset that presents the fill or cut to the finished grade.

When Does Someone Request Agricultural Related Environmental Surveys in Wisconsin?

For environmentally focused residential land surveying, Milwaukee developers may choose to have us perform agricultural related environmental surveys to measure the impact of an agricultural construction or expansion. Environmental surveys are typically used for easements, utilities, quit claim deeds, deed restrictions and annexations.

For our environment residential land surveying, Wisconsin property owners can expect us to work with several environmental companies to locate wells, wetlands, flood plains, manure storage, topographical data, drainage patterns, farm runoff and any other environmental issues that may be of concern for farmers, developers, residential lots and environmental companies.

For Land Surveying in Wisconsin, Who Provides the Legal Descriptions?

Many lawyers will attempt to write property descriptions for deeds, but because they are rarely well-versed in surveying and land terminology, they are often unaware of the importance of specific land calls or the order of importance for land descriptions.

Because so much importance rests in receiving clear, unambiguous property descriptions, for all of our residential land surveying, Milwaukee and Wisconsin property owners will be expected to work with us and their lawyers so that they can receive properly-worded descriptions of the areas in questions. In some cases clients may also receive an exhibit map showing.

What Services Do You Provide for Certified Survey Maps in Wisconsin?

To create new lots or building sites, or to modify existing property lines, property owners may choose to have a certified survey map created. With this type of residential land surveying, Milwaukee property owners are choosing a survey that will create 1-4 new lots or building sites, or that will modify existing property lines.

Typically, this process can take approximately six months, and we will handle all of the town, village, city and county requirements for preparing and filing applications. Owners, however, will need to attend government meetings so that they can answer any questions officials may have regarding development plans and actions. For this type of residential land surveying, Milwaukee property owners just need to be a little patient: The process does take a long time but, since our firm handles all of the technical and administrative aspects of it, there is little risk for our clients. It’s really just a matter of waiting for the process to be completed.

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